Chavis Flagg

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When professional musician Chavis Flagg came screaming across our radar with an amp and speakers strapped to his Onewheel XR, and an electric guitar wailing in his hands, we had to stop and pay homage.

Since discovering Onewheel nearly a year ago, the Atlanta-born, self-taught musician has adopted the streets as his studio, earning a name for himself rolling around the city’s BeltLine district, electric guitar ablaze, serenading the people of Atlanta like the Silver Surfer of rock. For his deviant aesthetic, he’s been dubbed the “Mad Max” of Atlanta, hence the name of his hit single. For Chavis, it’s all about making music, and fun, accessible to everyone.

“Being able to ride my Onewheel and play my guitar simultaneously is just where the fun begins! Seeing all the smiles and shocked looks on everyone’s faces gets me excited to go out and ride each and every day the sun is out.”

Chavis's Ride:

Onewheel S1 Retro Helmet

Red fender

Red bumper

Surestance pro fusion

Red charger plugs

Black rail guards

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