Choosing a Board

Nothing brings pure joy like riding a Onewheel! Since this is the first time that we’ve had 4 different boards, we created this no-nonsense guide to help you choose the right one. We also have a massive assortment of accessories to make this Holiday Season unforgettable for you, or the shredder in your life.

For the Trail Slayer:

GT S-Series

Simply the best flow state riding experience

113 Volt powertrain to deliver mind blowing power. A total game changer in every situation especially for bigger riders.
It’s got all the trappings: 2 lbs lighter, 5mm lower with Lowboy Footpads, Ultra-Premium Japanese bearings, and a redesigned Motor.
With an ultra-wide treaded tire and insane torque, this is the board you want when you hit the trail.
Top Speed 25 mph
Range 16-25 mi
From $3,200
For the Adventurer:


Snowboard vibes all year long

Customize everything about your ride with Custom Shaping 3.0 in the Onewheel App.
Up to 32 miles per charge for mega adventures and commutes.
Wider footpads and a bigger tire give the GT a more locked in riding experience and added stability.
Top Speed 20 mph
Range 20-32 mi
From $2,300
For the Cruiser:

Pint X

Ridiculously fun

The perfect board for urban exploration or carefree cruising.
Up to 18 miles of range and more than enough speed to get where you need to go.
Maybe the most fun board to ride. Super playful, nimble and carvy.
Top Speed 18 mph
Range 12-18 mi
From $1,500
For the Newbie:


More fun than video games

A great first board. Small, easy to learn, super fun.
The most affordable way to get in on the Onewheel riding experience.
With the built in Maghandle, Pint is the smallest, lightest board. Take it everywhere.
Top Speed 16 mph
Range 6-8 mi
From $1,050 $750



Bundle up this season with a new line of cozy Hoodies and Crewnecks.

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It's cold out. Keep your head warm with our new hats and beanies.

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You don't have a Onewheel Tee?! Shop all the new releases for the superfan in your life.

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Shop helmets, pads, Fxnction wrist guards, and everything else you need to ride safely out there!

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Take your board on the go with a selection of backpacks, bags and car holders this season.

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If you don't have a tire inflator, well... you really should get one. Take a look at a selection of items designed to keep your board in peak riding form.

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New for 2023


No dirty socks this season! Shop our selection of Fenders to keep the mess outside.

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Take your riding to the next level with a fresh set of Lowboy or Pint Flared footpads this year.

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Riding Gear

Look good. Ride good. If you don't have the latest riding gear, you're probably leaving a few miles per hour on the table my friend.

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