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“ Onewheel is a burly machine designed to go into the world and have a hell of a lot of fun which is very different from what these other products are. ”


October 2015

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“ What it’s like to have wheels for feet. The 11-inch air-filled tire, I discovered, flies over rough road and sand ”

The Wall Street Journal

October 2015

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“ It’s called Onewheel. It is something that we’ve always wanted. It’s the holy grail of hoverboarding... They’re just really fun to ride. ”

NBC Montana

September 2015

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“ I rode the one-wheeled skateboard of the future around New York City — and people kept stopping me to ask where to get one. ”

Business Insider

August 2015

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“ It is one of the most fun rideables I’ve ever ridden. ”

The Verge - CES

January 2015

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