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2024 Press Kit

Santa Cruz Sentinel. Westside Santa Cruz's Onewheel Celebrates 10 Years. 05/05/2024
"The Santa Cruz company is celebrating a decade of producing Onewheels"

Gear Junkie. Onewheel GT S-Series Adds Some Giddyup to Your Land Shredding. 11/15/2023
"After the prototype was dialed in and its components built out, it was clear that the new design was a game changer."

Cision. Onewheel introduces Onewheel GT S-Series, the first ever performance-focused Onewheel with massive increases in voltage, power and torque. 10/27/2023
"Onewheel GT S-Series is completely reimagined to empower riders and push progression."

Cision. Racheal Cecil and Tyler James win the 2023 Onewheel World Championships at Race for the Rail 09/10/2023
"Both Cecil and James successfully navigated difficult terrain, challenging features and a host of other talent riders to come in first place."

Yahoo Finance. Onewheel's 2023 Race For The Rail World Championships Streaming Live Friday and Saturday 09/07/2023
"Twenty of the best Onewheel riders will descend Sky Tavern's ski slopes in a boardercross-style race for a chance to take home a share of the record $20,000 prize purse."

Teton Gravity Research. TGR Takes Onewheel for a Ride 06/26/2023
"For all with access to trail systems, paved or dirt, this is a sweet vehicle to cruise around with friends and powerful enough to go fast so you can really get places. So. Much. Utility."

Journalism Online. What I Learned From Switching From the Onewheel XR to the Onewheel GT 07/13/2023
"The Onewheel GT takes all that made the Onewheel XR great and pushes it further."

Future Motion Inc.’s Onewheel Boards Will Always Be Made in America 04/17/2023
America knows a thing or two about revolutions, and the way in which people are moving through the world is being revolutionized right now."

Cision. Onewheel Community Delivers Over 4,000 Letters to CPSC Defending the Right to "Let Us Ride!" 11/21/2022
"These letters from Onewheel riders are very emotional as they extoll the joy, exhilaration, and freedom they experience from their boards. Future Motion takes great pride in our products."

Yahoo Finance. Onewheel Riders Staunchly Defend Popular Boardsport Against CPSC Overreach 11/18/2022
Passionate Riders Say "Let Us Ride!" Throughout Social Media and Write Thousands of Letters in Response to CPSC's Effort to Take Away All Onewheel Boards How hard is it to ride a Onewheel? 11/18/2022
The more you practice the confident become. And as long as you're wearing a helmet risks are completely manageable.

Future Motion Responds to the CPSC's Unjustified and Alarmist Claims Regarding Onewheels 11/16/2022
"Onewheel electric skateboards are safe when operated following common-sense safe riding practices that are common to any board sport. We strongly disagree with the CPSC's unjustified and alarmist claims"

Time Magazine. The 20 Best Tech Gifts We'd Give our Loved Ones this Holiday Season 11/18/2021
"Part skateboard, part snowboard, the Pint X moves with your body, making carving city streets a blast."

Input Magazine. Riding Onewheel's New Pint X electric uni-board 11/18/2021
"The secret of Pint X, or any Onewheel board, isn’t really in the specs or the price, however, it’s in the experience — zooming along on Pint X just feels good. And while it’s tempting to mention electric scooters in the same breath, Onewheel isn’t squarely in direct competition with its two-wheeled counterparts."

autoevolution. Onewheel Drops All-Terrain GT Board to Fill Your New Year With Off-Road Fun 11/18/2021
"Winter is the best time to prepare for next year's experiences, and the GT looks to be promising one heck of a ride. Better be extra good the rest of the year to get this one."

Yahoo Finance. 50 Million Miles: Onewheel Achieves Micromobility Milestone 6/9/2021
"Onewheel, announced today that its global community of riders has collectively logged more than 52,500,000 miles on Onewheels since the company released its first model in 2014."

CNET. Best Black Friday 2020 Deals on e-Bikes and Electric Scooters 11/26/2020
"If you've never jumped on a Onewheel then you're missing out."

Robb Report. 12 Future-Forward Tech Gifts for the Early Adopters in Your Life 10/14/2020
"Onewheel revolutionized the e-skateboard game by radically rethinking design, crafting a mobility solution built around a single motorized wheel ... Pint aims to strike where price, performance, and practicality intersect."

To Honor A Friend Felled By Cancer, This Guy Rode A Onewheel 2,900 Miles Across Canada 10/20/2020
"By the time Shrier was done, he had said easily eclipsed the distance record for “riding an electric board.” I’m not even sure what the old record was but I’ll bet it was a lot less than 4,700km. This will be a very tough record to break."

Electrek. Daredevils on electric Onewheels flying down a mountainside? This is my kind of electric race! 8/14/2020
"Racing (whether cars, motorcycles, boats or anything else) builds enthusiasm and innovation in their industries. And to be honest, I think we could all use a fun distraction right now."

Secret Race Will Crown World’s Best Onewheel Rider 8/7/2020
"Twelve riders, one wheel — the desert race for $10,000 takes on an air of mystery this year. Nobody knows where the race will take place."

CNN. This guitar-playing Skateboarder is warming hearts in pandemic-stricken Atlanta  7/12/2020
"That's what people really enjoy about it; a guy can be walking his dog and be with his girlfriend, and this guy comes up with an electric guitar on a Onewheel and play their favorite love song by John Legend"

New York Times. I’ve Seen a Future Without Cars, and It’s Amazing 7/9/2020
"How would people get around in a Manhattan without private cars? ... some future light, battery-powered “micromobility” device (things like one-wheeled, self-balancing skateboards); and sometimes, in a pinch, in a taxi or Uber."

SHOP EAT SURF. Onewheel Video Contest Destroys Pandemic Boredom. 4/3/2020
Riding a Onewheel is a refusal to live an uninspired existence.

WIRED MAGAZINE. Seriously it's Time to Lean Into Monowheels. 1/17/2020
One-wheeled vehicles are how we'll roll into the future.

WIRED. Wish List 2019: 52 Amazing Gifts You'll Want to Keep for Yourself 11/18/2019
It’s easy to get the hang of Onewheel’s portable Pint; just lean forward to cruise ahead at up to 16 mph, and lean back to slow or stop.

Wall Street Journal 11/18/2019
Best Tech Gifts 2019

Women Love Tech 10/7/2019
4 Awesome Ways to Tech Up Your Ride With Electronic Transporters

CNET. The Best Electric Scooters Ebikes and Rideable Tech we Tested in 2019. 9/27/19

Post Bulletin. Seen and Heard: That's one wheel fun way to work. 9/20/2019
"The first time I got on it, I rode for about a quarter of a mile. The second time I went 5 miles"

WIRED. Review: Onewheel Pint. 8/9/2019
"At $950, this is by far the most accessible price tag that Onewheel has been able to offer for a board that might be even more fun, and is definitely more convenient, than the XR."

Sierra Sun. 8/4/2019
Onewheel Riders take sport to a new level at Northstar.

Forbes. The Onewheel Pint Is the Fun Machine from the Future You Need To Experience. 7/23/19
"It was an enlightening and amazing experience. And it was also great fun."

Washington CityPaper. Onewheel Riders Build Community While Floating Through the Region's Streets. 7/3/2019
"I was just like, what is this magical vehicle, and how do I get one?"

Behind "The Most Boring Town in America"  6/5/2019
Matt Moore runs Martin City Brewing Company, but in his spare time he and his kids enjoy their Onewheeled skateboard.

Popular Science. How this one-wheeled skateboard lets riders cruise without crashing. 5/8/2019
"representative of an exciting transportation trend."

UrbanDaddy. The Coolest Ways to Get Around Town This Summer. 5/7/2019
"The Pint is the lightest, cheapest and easiest-to-use Onewheel electric hoverboard-y thingamajig to date."

CNBC 4/26/19
The money milestone that convinced Harry Shum Jr. he could make it in Hollywood — and his big ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ splurge.

Hypebeast 3/18/19
The Smaller, Lighter Onewheel Pint Does It All.

GearJunkie. Emerging Gear: Onewheel ‘Pint’ 3/15/19
"his revolutionary electric traveler moves by simply leaning forward, balancing on the one wheel."

Digital Trends. Onewheel Pint hands-on review. 3/13/19
"We rode the new Onewheel Pint, and it's even more fun than the original"

Design Boom 3/13/19
"Onewheel Pint is a mini, portable one-wheeled skateboard for novices"

Engadget. Onewheel Pint is a more affordable, easier to ride electric board. 3/12/19
"It's not only more affordable (relatively speaking) at $950, it's gentler on newcomers who'd otherwise worry about crashing out."

The Verge 3/12/19
Onewheel's Pint is a new and more portable electric rideable for novice riders, costs $950.