Dates: May 28-29

Time: 11am-6pm CT

Location: Fair Market, Austin TX

Special Events


Group Ride - Electric Surf Co. - Saturday 10am
Two-Step Electric Roller Disco - Saturday 6pm - 8pm
Meals on Onewheel Outreach - Sunday 9:00am
Daily Clinics ft. Tyler James & Javier Starks

Onewheel Demos

New to riding? No worries, our riding instructors will have you up and riding in minutes.


Come get onboard the new GT or Pint X, and enjoy some music, outdoor games, and sunshine. Must be 14+ to demo. If you've always wanted to try riding a Onewheel, now is the time! Our riding instructors will get you going in minutes regardless of your level of skill or boardsport experience. It's an amazing experience everyone should enjoy at least once! Already have a Onewheel but want to come ride a Pint X or GT? We got you covered! Good times guaranteed!

Onewheel Demos

Meals on Onewheels has delivered thousands of meals to people in need.

on Onewheels

We're also teaming up with Meals on Onewheels to support and give back to the local community. We'll be meeting at 9am on Sunday to put together food and supplies and then deliver goods to those in need on Onewheel. If you havn't had a chance to be a part of a Meals on Onewheels event, it's an amazing people powered, grassroots way to connect and support folks and have a really good time in the process.

For more on Meals on Onewheels check out their website

Stop 1: Santa Monica, CA

Stop 2: Austin, TX

Stop 3: TBD

Stop 4: TBD

Stop 5: TBD

Demo Tour 2022