Monyca Eleogram

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As a young girl growing up on Maui, Monyca Eleogram spent her mornings trying to convince the school bus driver to drop her at the beach. “It didn’t work,” she admits now, but did indicate the general direction her life was heading. 

With or without his permission, Monyca started surfing at age six, entered her first comp at age 11, and was quickly scooped up by sponsors. Three years later she played a star role in Leave A Message, a film about progressive women’s surfing, and exited the competitive arena for a career in free-surfing.

When not in the water, Monyca moonlights as a farmer, using Onewheel as both a tool of the trade and simultaneously, a surf simulator around her property in Hana, Maui.

“Onewheel changed my life! My husband and I utilize it as our main farm vehicle, and it is so powerful we can do almost anything with it, from carrying our orchard ladder around, to 50lb bags of oranges! Beyond the help it provides us with on the farm, Onewheeling is freedom! We can’t make it to the beach everyday, but we still get to go surfing no matter what. Yard surfing is pretty freaking epic too!

Along with surfing, a day’s work for her consists of Onewheeling through the groves on her property, filling baskets with fruit to sell around her community. What’s more, each year she co-hosts a camp for young women, teaching the youth in her community about the ocean, how to keep it clean, and how to better themselves. Where is she right now? We suggest you ask the bus driver. 

Monyca's Ride:


Onewheel XR

Clear fender

Dark Olive rail guards

mustard handle

Coral bumpers

coral charger plug

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