The “Bug”

The “Bug” is what we here at Onewheel like to call the immediate and overwhelming desire to keep riding once you’ve gotten on the board. Symptoms include mouth watering, feelings of euphoria, increased heart rate, and overwhelming joy. Many people have been infected along the way.

At Body Glove V.P. of Marketing and all around cool dude Scott Daley had a difficult time getting off after his first taste.

Rip Curl’s North American pro team surfer Noah Wegrich didn’t fair much better and was another victim. Sticking a switch curb drop on your first try can have that effect on people.

And then there was our host family and friends in Newport Beach. The kind folks on L Street put The Experience Crew up for two nights and had a neighborhood block party demo session that featured a demo line rivaling those seen at the DMV on a Monday morning. Just a block from The Wedge, one of the most legendary breaks in the world, L Street is home to some of surfings most promising young guns. We had the whole teenage crew hooked including Hurley team rider Zane Waysz and several other gnarly shredders.

Caution the bug is real. Need the antidote? Pre-order now and be cured in December.

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