Why is nothing happening when I’m standing on Onewheel?

1. Is your Onewheel switched on using the power switch on the side? If it is, the round LED will be illuminated.

2. Is the LED pulsing or blinking? If its blinking, it is indicating an error. Consult the user manual for an explanation of the blink code and how to solve it.

Remember: the Onewheel must be switched on when it is sitting on the ground, and you must not touch the rider detect area when powering it on.

3. Is your foot fully on the footpad? Your foot must be touching both halves of the blue striped rider detect area for Onewheel to engage. Certain very soft-soled footwear may not properly engage the footpad.

4. Are your batteries charged? When you have a low battery, Onewheel will not begin balancing. Please recharge your battery pack.

5. Have you come up to level in a slow and controlled fashion? Onewheel’s balancing algorithms do not engage until you’ve come up to a level orientation. Coming up too quickly can also prevent correct operation.

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