Why is Onewheel pushing me back?

The ‘pushback’ feature, designed to keep you riding at a safe speed. ‘Pushback’ gives riders tactile feedback by lifting the nose to signify that the board is traveling at it’s maximum speed. A key distinction here is that pushback is not an arbitrary speed limit which we have decided upon to hold you back, it’s actually the limit that the board can safely go. Pushback is function that is defined by a number of parameters including battery, grade of terrain, speed, ect. It is really important to understand that you can defeat pushback if you continue to lean forward and accelerate. You are essentially asking the board to go faster than it can manage and, on one wheel, there is little power left to maintain balance and stability. In order to avoid a loss of control, make sure you ease up when you experience pushback and you’ll be good to go.

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