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Onewheel Winter Riding Tips & Storage

It might be cold outside, but winter doesn’t mean that Onewheel riding has stop. Riding in winter can be a blast but there are a few important tips to keep your board happy during the colder months. On the flip side, if you’d rather store your board until you can see the sidewalk again, we’ve got tips to make sure your board is in good shape when the sun comes back out. In this guide, we'll explore the best practices for both winter riding and storage of your Onewheel.


Ice is Slippery

Be careful when riding on ice or snow, it can be slippery. You may want to ride with a treaded tire during the winter months for improved traction. The GT Treaded Tire or Performance Treaded Tire are great options for both GT and S-Series riders during the winter months. We would highly recommend wearing wrist guards while conditions are slick. Check out Fxnction Wrist guards, they are the absolute best in the game and have full finger options for warmth.

Snow is Wet

Snow becomes water when it melts. Water and electronics are not good friends. It’s best to ride with a charger plug if you’re riding in snow or damp conditions. If you have snow on your board, make sure to brush it off before taking your board inside and having it melt. When you bring your board indoors, store it in a riding position instead of docking it vertically.

Bring It Inside

When you’re done riding, don’t leave your board out in the cold or in the trunk of your car. Long exposure to extremely cold temperatures can adversely effect your board’s battery health.

If you do happen to leave your board out in the cold, we recommend bringing it back inside and letting it warm up to 60℉ (15℃) before riding again. If you are seeing a Temperature Error notification on your board, that's because your battery is too cold and needs to be warmed up before using it.

Tire Pressure

Be cognizant that your tire pressure may decrease in cold temperatures. Check your tire pressure before you ride to ensure you’re at your desired PSI level. There’s no better way to get your tire pressure dialed in than with the Cordless Tire Inflator. You can set your tire pressure to your exact specification.


Be aware that severely cold temperatures can impact your expected range. If it’s cold enough where you need to put your winter parka on, don’t expect to go on the same marathon rides as you do during the summer months.


Charge Level

If you’re storing your Onewheel for months at a time, make sure the charge level on the battery is between 40-50% for optimal long-term battery health. Storing your board with a dead battery for long periods of time can degrade your long-term battery health, so make sure to plug it in before storage!


The ideal environment for long-term storage is a dry place between 50-60℉ (10-15℃). If you store your board in a garage or shed that can get colder overnight, you could be at risk of damaging your board’s long-term battery. Try an indoor closet instead. You'll be able to admire it more regularly too.

Check In Periodically

It’s important to check in on your board every month to make sure your battery level remains between 40-50%. If your battery has drained, charge your board back to that level before storing it again.

Battery Replacement Service

Didn’t read these winter storage tips before leaving your board out in the cold for months on end? Well, that’s okay because we offer battery replacement as a service! Have our professional technicians install a new battery with this turnkey service. It includes round-trip shipping, labor and safe recycling of the used battery.