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Behind the Scenes: Customer Support

Our Approach & Philosophy

It’s common for companies to outsource their Customer Support to call centers that are area codes or oceans away from the company headquarters. On paper, it’s a cost savings and customer support is customer support as long as someone’s answering the phone, right?

Well, not really.

We believe that the best support comes from real people who ride, know and care about our boards. Our customer support team lives and works right here in Santa Cruz, California. They’re part of the heartbeat at Onewheel HQ along with the engineers, marketers and software folks that are making the future rad. So, every time you call or email Onewheel Support, you're talking with someone in our office.

Everyone Shreds

For new Support members who haven't ridden a Onewheel before joining, they’ll spend the first week on the job in ride training; cruising around the parking lot and literally getting up to speed. We make sure all of our Support Staff has access to ride a board. That’s because we feel strongly that riders care more and offer better product advice and support. When they're not answering tickets, they’re probably on their weekly ride down the coast. 

What’s this all mean? If you’re wondering which type of board will fit your lifestyle better, or what accessories you’ll need to get started, our Support Staff is actually answering from personal experience. 

If you already have a board and need some help, we got you covered too. Since Onewheels are known for their excellent build quality, they come with a 12-month warranty. In the event that something goes wrong, though, our team of Board Specialists and Support Technicians are trained to get issues diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible.

Learning from the Past

We'll be the first to tell you, our support team wasn’t always up to snuff. A few years ago, it was just a few folks loading up on coffee and answering as many emails as possible. Response times could be days. We struggled to follow up with folks that needed help, much less those who just had a general product question. It simply wasn’t good enough.

That’s why we’ve doubled down on hiring, training and streamlining our systems. The results have been night and day. What can you expect when you reach out to support today? We'll let the stats speak for themselves:

  • Our average phone wait time is a mere 12 seconds. Our average phone hold time is only 19 seconds. 
  • Our Support Team answers the majority of tickets within 2 hours.
  • RMA repairs are completed within 24 hours on average.
  • We're open for phone calls from 10am - 4pm PDT Monday through Friday.

We know a Onewheel is a big investment, so we've prioritized giving you peace of mind that real folks are here to help. Our Support Team comes in every day and takes pride in being there for you.

Stoked to ask us a question now? Shoot us a note at