secret stash

Marin Headlands

Battling the wind, we rode up a dirt trail skirting the coastline.

The hillside is inhabited by iceplant and the occasional WWII bunker, once on the lookout – now enjoying the view. The city feels like a world away. Instead, San Francisco is just 5 miles from here, a quick trip across the Golden Gate Bridge.

After about 20 minutes we ride through some low overhanging trees and burst out the others side to find the coastline fall away into an impressive cliff. It is clear that this is where we stop. We take off our packs, get out the cameras and the snacks and are once again reminded of the awesome places these boards take you.

After soaking it in, we head back down to grab a beer we make it back to the near by Fort Baker, plug in, order and promptly realize we left a GoPro back on the cliff… We hustle back to the trail, jet back up feeling very thankful for our boards. Low and behold there’s the GoPro, just where we left it.


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