Playboy October 29 2015

“Onewheel is a burly machine designed to go into the world and have a hell of a lot of fun which is very different from what these other products are.”

Why the Onewheel is not another silly hoverboard toy.


The Wall Street Journal October 28 2015

What it’s like to have wheels for feet. “The 11-inch air-filled tire, I discovered, flies over rough road and sand”


NBC Montana September 16 2015

”It’s called Onewheel. It is something that we’ve always wanted. It’s the holy grail of hoverboarding... They’re just really fun to ride.”

Missoula surf shop sells cutting-edge ‘Onewheel’ boards.


Business Insider August 09 2015

I rode the one-wheeled skateboard of the future around New York City — and people kept stopping me to ask where to get one.

“I’d say the Onewheel is pretty easy to pick up compared to other board sports."

"You also really notice the benefits of the only having one wheel when you’re turning. On a skateboard, sharp turns are pretty difficult and most of the time you turn by leaning — but the four wheels cause your turns to be more sweeping and broad. Thanks to the Onewheel’s single wheel, it’s much easier to weave your way around people or rotate around by leaning heavily in one direction while keeping your balance tipped forward.”


The Verge - CES January 08 2015

It is one of the most fun rideables I’ve ever ridden.