Aaron Hooper

Aaron has spent most of his life filming the best snowboarders on the planet.

In his time as team videographer for Grenade, Videograss and Burton, Aaron has amassed a vault of stories from avalanches to antics that will blow your mind. He’ll be the first to tell you the snow cinematography world has always been creative when it comes to getting the shot.

“We would use paragliders with a fan on the back” Aaron recalls, “you’d strap to the front of the pilot so you could get the aerial shots drones are getting today.”

So it’s no surprise that Aaron immediately realized Onewheel’s potential as a filming tool once he laid eyes on the board at the Frendly Gathering. Now Aaron uses his Onewheel as ‘the human dolly’ crushing shots that would otherwise require sliders, a crane, or camera car. And when he’s not getting the smoothest footage in the game or riding powder in the backcountry, he’s ripping Aspen's single track on Onewheel.






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