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Sync to your board from the Onewheel App to customize your riding experience with Digital ShapingTM. The Onewheel App also allows you to check your battery status for epic adventures, toggle your LED lights for night cruising, and track riding data.

TIP: Search “Onewheel” on Google Play or Apple App Store.

TIP: Make sure your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone so that your board can connect to the Onewheel App.


our dashboard. Select your shaping, monitor your board and see live stats.

  • Rides Screen

    See posted rides from all over the world on phone or browser.

  • Riders Nearby

    Join the community and connect with other Onewheel riders.

  • Leaderboard

    See top stats and mileage.

  • Academy

    Riding instructions for beginners through advanced riders.

Digital Shaping

Sync to your board from the Onewheel app to customize your riding experience. Digital Shaping 3.0 provides the pinnacle of performance, comfort, and control. Inspired by surfboard shapers creating different boards for different rides, Digital Shaping 3.0 offers a complete quiver of Shapings selectable from your smartphone.