Tire Pressure


Check your Onewheel tire for any cuts in the tread and sidewall. Also be sure it is sufficiently inflated, up to 20 PSI. The best way to check and inflate your tire is with a quality digital gauge and compressor at your local gas station.

For a softer, more forgiving ride you can decrease the tire pressure as low as 17 PSI, but note that tire pressure makes a significant difference to your Onewheel GT's range, top speed, tire wear and ride quality.

If your tire is damaged or has a hole, please visit onewheel.com/support for more information.

WARNING: Exceeding the maximum pressure of 30 PSI (2.0 bar) could damage your Onewheel GT and result in injury. It will also void your warranty.

CAUTION: Tire pressure makes a significant difference to your Onewheel GT’s range, top speed, tire wear, and ride quality.

CAUTION: Riding your Onewheel GT with a flat or under-inflated tire will void your warranty.

CAUTION: Pencil-type automotive tire gauges can be inaccurate. Always use a quality digital gauge.