Power + Status

Main Power Push Button Switch

Onewheel+ is powered ON and OFF by the pushbutton switch on the side of the Onewheel+. Always make sure your Onewheel+ is on the ground in the ready-to-ride position before switching it “ON.” Always turn your Onewheel+ “OFF” when charging, storing or carrying it.

WARNING: Never pick up your Onewheel+ when the switch is in the “ON” position since the wheel may spin, thus causing a safety hazard.

CAUTION: Do not press the rider-detection area section of the footpad while powering on your Onewheel+ or it will not operate.

TIP Turning on your Onewheel+ while it is not on the ground will cause an error.

Status Indicator

LED STATUS RING INDICATOR The LED ring on the pushbutton switch is the only status indicator for Onewheel+. The LED will indicate battery status and error codes for your Onewheel+.

Normal Operation The LED Status Indicator will pulse slowly under normal operating conditions.

Battery Status As the battery capacity diminishes your ride, the LED Status Indicator will change its rate of pulsing so that the LED Status Ring indicator will remain off longer than it is on. This ratio of ON/OFF time indicates the current battery status. You can also check your battery status from the home screen of the Onewheel app.

Decoding Your Onewheel+

The different blink codes, differentiated by the number of blinks in a row, may indicate different issues with your Onewheel+. Always count the blink code if one occurs. Sometimes you can solve the issue by charging the battery or by switching your Onewheel+ OFF and then ON again. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact Onewheel+ customer support at 1-800-283-7943 or send an email to support@onewheel.com

01,02 Low Battery
03 Overcharge
04 Invalid Power-up Orientation
06 Motor Stall Detected
07 Over-temperature Controller
09 Bad Accelerometer
10 Bad Controller
11 Bad Hall Sensors
13,14 Over-current Detected
17 Over-temperature Battery
18 Over-temperature Motor