Basic Operation

  • Switch on Onewheel Pint using the power switch on the side.

    Step firmly on both sides of the three dots that run down the centerline of the front footpad.

  • Always wear a helmet and other protective gear.

    Lean on a friend to get started.

    Slowly come up for balance.

  • Pint will engage when you reach a horizontal orientation.

    Lean forward to accelerate.

    Lean back to slow down.

    Lean side-to-side to turn.

  • To dismount, slow down to a stop. Once stopped and level, slowly lean back.

    You can also jump off with both feet, but never remove only one foot.

Regenerative Braking

Decelerating while going downhill recharges the Onewheel+ battery.

WARNING Riding hills exceeding a 15% grade is extremely dangerous and may result in loss of control or damage to your Onewheel Pint.


Understanding The Footpad

The front footpad is pressure sensitive and divided into two zones, one on each side of the centerline dots. Both zones must be pressed to begin riding. The Lightbar turns blue as visual indication of the sense pad areas you are engaging.


Direction and Speed

Lean forward to move forward, and lean back to slow down or to move backwards. The more you lean, the faster you’ll go.


Use subtle heel-toe pressure for turning left or right. You will begin to turn in the direction you lean. The more you lean, the sharper the turn.