Whether you’re a pro or brand new to riding, it’s always important to ride safely. Here are a few tips to ensure that you and your Onewheel GT stay in one piece.


Always wear an ASTM F1492-08, CPSC and/or CE EN1078 certified helmet when riding your Onewheel Pint. Be sure to attach the chin strap and follow the helmet manufacturer’s instructions for fit, use and general care.

Other Safety Equipment

It’s a good idea to wear wrist guards, elbow pads and kneepads for extra protection.


Always wear shoes that will stay on your feet and grip the board. Never ride barefoot or in flip-flops.

WARNING: Many local governments legislate “road worthy” laws and require specific safety equipment. It is your responsibility to familiarize and comply with all applicable laws of the location where you ride your Onewheel. This includes properly equipping yourself and your Onewheel as required by law.

Safety Beep

Safety Beep is an important safety feature that produces an audible indication as you approach the board's limits. Always lean back to slow down when you hear the Safety Beep.

Safety Beep is not a substitute for pushback, but is a separate warning system to give additional rider feedback. Disabling the Safety Beep feature is for advanced riders only.

NOTE: Always ensure that the Safety Beep feature is enabled before letting anyone else ride your board.

WARNING: Safety Beep is an important safety feature. By disabling this feature you risk serious injury or death.

WARNING: Always heed pushback warnings. Do not rely solely on Safety Beep.

TIP: This feature can be accessed in the the Onewheel app.

Modifying your Onewheel GT

Never use non-Future Motion approved GT accessories, or components, or otherwise modify or change the appearance or performance of Onewheel GT factory components. If you do, you can increase your risk of serious injury or death, the chances of property damage, and you will void your warranty.

Authorized Official Onewheel Accessories are available at

If you have specific questions, please contact Onewheel Customer Support by submitting a support request at

WARNING: Failure to confirm the compatibility of, or to properly install, operate or maintain any component or accessory on your Onewheel GT can result in serious injury or death and will void your warranty.

WARNING: Changing or modifying any Onewheel GT can result in serious injury or death and will void your warranty.

WARNING: Using unauthorized accessories or components may void your warranty or cause serious injury or death.

More Ways to Ride Safely

Observe all local traffic laws and regulations regarding riding on sidewalks and trails. It is your responsibility to know and obey the laws in your riding area.

Share the road and respect the rights and safety of other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Ride defensively. Always assume that others do not see you.

WARNING: Never ride your Onewheel GT on inclines or declines with grades steeper than 15%. This may cause the motor and battery to overheat and will also void your warranty.

WARNING:Jumping and stunt riding will void your warranty.

Look ahead, and be ready to avoid or yield to:
  • Vehicles slowing or turning, entering your lane ahead of you, or coming up behind you.
  • Parked cars or opening car doors
  • Pedestrians
  • Children or pets
  • Potholes, sewer grating, railroad tracks, expansion joints, road or sidewalk construction, debris, and other obstructions that could cause you to swerve into traffic, catch your wheel, or fall.
Always Wear:
  • Always wear a ASTM F1492-08, CPSC and/or CE EN1078 certified helmet, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for fit, use and care. Head injuries are some of the most serious and may be avoided with proper protection.
  • Shoes that stay on your feet and will grip the board. Never ride barefoot or while wearing sandals or flip-flops.
  • Bright clothing that makes you clearly visible to drivers, riders and pedestrians.
  • Protective eyewear to protect against the sun, as well as airborne dirt, dust, and, of course, bugs.
  • Avoid sharp bumps, drainage grates, and sudden surface changes.
  • Avoid streets and surfaces with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, and other debris. Wet weather impairs traction, braking, and visibility and may damage your board.
  • Never ride near motor vehicles.

More Ways to Ride Safely

  • Always ride in designated lanes or paths or as close to the edge of the road as possible in the direction of traffic flow or as directed by local laws.
  • Never weave through traffic.
  • Never carry a passenger.
  • Stop at stop signs and traffic lights. Slow down and look both ways at street intersections. Be prepared to yield even if you have the right of way.
  • Use approved hand signals for turning and stopping.
  • Never carry anything that could obstruct your vision or that could cause you or your clothing to become entangled in the wheel.
  • Never hitch a ride holding onto another moving vehicle or object.
  • Never ride your Onewheel GT while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Observe and yield the right of way.
  • Do not perform racing, stunt riding, or other maneuvers that may cause loss of control.
  • Before each use, perform pre-operation checks as specified by the manufacturer.
  • The owner shall allow use of the unit only after clearly demonstrating its proper and safe use and confirming that the operator understands all components and aspects of operation of the unit, and is wearing a helmet. Before riding, have the operator review the safety information and riding tips available on the Onewheel app and/or Future Motion’s website.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with the way your Onewheel works (e.g., speed, direction, turning).
  • Do not allow body parts, clothes, etc. to come into contact with moving parts, wheels, or drive train while the motor is running.
  • Always do a mechanical safety check before getting on your Onewheel GT.
  • When riding, be aware of your environment. Ride at a speed appropriate for your conditions. Increased speed equals higher risk.
  • Do not ride at night or during times of low visibility (e.g., fog, rain, dusk, dawn).
  • Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions, as well as comply with all laws and ordinances.
  • Components shall be maintained and repaired in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Only authorized replacement parts shall be used, and installation shall be by dealers or other skilled persons.
  • Persons with heart conditions, pregnant women, persons with head/back/neck ailments, persons with mental or physical conditions that make them susceptible to injury, and persons with impaired capabilities should not operate.